Do any Tofutti products contain dairy?

All of our products are certified Kosher Parve, which means that none of our products ever contain any dairy whatsoever. This means no milk by-products either, such as casein, whey, or skim milk powder. In order to make certain that they are a dairy free product, always look for a Kosher Parve symbol. That symbol certifies that the product is completely dairy/casein free.

What are the benefits to consuming soy?

Today there is an increasing amount of information being revealed about the health benefits of soy and soy foods. Soy protein is known to lower blood cholesterol and reduce the rates of coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer - breast, colon, and prostate - and fewer menopausal symptoms. Several components of soybeans, including protein, fibre, calcium, essential fatty acids, and isoflavone found in high concentrations in soy foods, is thought to play a key role in many of the potential health benefits. The daily recommending dose of isoflavones (the active ingredient in soy) is 40 milligrams. This equals 3/4 cup tofu or 11/2 cups of soy milk.


I notice you use lactic acid in some of your products, like your Creamy Smooth Non-Dairy Cream Cheese. I thought lactic acid is dairy?

The lactic acid we use is of vegetable origin, not dairy. it is produced from the microbial fermentation of certain vegetables and other ingredients. It simply simulates the functionality of regular lactic acid. We always use "non-dairy" or "vegetable" before the words lactic acid to let consumers know that is where the ingredients comes from.


Are all Tofutti products vegan?

Yes - all the Tofutti products distributed by Triano Brands in Europe are totally vegan.


What is the source of your mono and diglycerides?

The mono and diglycerides we use comes from vegetables, never from animals.


Do Tofutti products contain eggs or egg whites?

None of our products contain eggs or egg whites.


What type of lecithin does Tofutti use?

All lecithin used in our products is derived from soy.


What is the source of your maltodextrin?

The maltodextrin we use comes from corn. It is not from wheat.


Does Tofutti use Non-GMO soy protein?

Yes - all of our products use non-GMO soy protein.