Beautifully crafted from coconuts, not cows.

As a brand, cochie has two priorities:

TASTE. Dairy-free does not have to taste bad; in fact... it can taste really, really great!

CHOICE. Dietary requirements, healthy eating, family-oriented shopping... they all cause restrictions. With Cochie, anyone and EVERYONE can try it. AND enjoy it!

When you choose Cochie, it's your choice to choose taste, and we hope you choose us again...and again!

Cochie Softy

Our big softy, a creamy smooth spread that is beautiful on bagels, stirs wonderfully into sauces and tastes even better off a spoon or as a dip.

No gluten. No dairy. No allergens. No bad stuff. Just great flavour!

Softy is suitable for, well... anyone and everyone, really!

Cochie Shakie

Shake it up with our delicious coconut milk based Shakie! The perfect pick me up, these on-the-go treats perform perfectly as a breakfast drink, afternoon snack or fruit craving.