Originating as the exclusive European distributor for Tofutti, the original soya-based cream cheese alternatives, Triano Brands entered into the dairy-free market at the very beginning and since day one, our priority has always been to offer great tasting alternatives, for all dietary requirements. As allergies, intolerance's and different lifestyles continue to become more and more prominent in society, an array of products that replace those once beloved ingredients is extremely vital, and we completely understand that!

As the parents to two fantastic brands, Triano Brands are proud to present products sure to satisfy you all; Tofutti, a remarkable range of soya-based cheese alternatives, from soft, to block and grated, and Cochie, an entirely allergen free range of creamy spreads and fruity shakes, made from coconut oil and coconut milk.

We believe that being, or going dairy-free, shouldn’t force you to compromise on taste and with our brands, you won’t have to. All of products are formulated to be delicious on their own, or as part of a recipe.

Not only do we want our products to taste great, but we wanted them to be versatile and adaptable. Cochie Softy Original and Tofutti Creamy Smooth Original can both be used for savoury or sweet! Enjoy Softy spread across toasted sourdough with sliced mango for a quick, beautiful bite or scoop into your favourite free-from carbonara sauce! Tofutti Creamy Smooth Original, is renowned for its ability to make a wonderful, free-from cheesecake, but our customers also rave about its fantastic performance with baked potatoes and salads!

When doing your weekly shop, you shouldn’t have to be buying multiple products for each family member and with Triano Brands, we promise that when you buy our products, all the family will be satisfied.

Triano dairy free products


We now supply customers from over 25 countries!


During our years in the industry, we have gained and maintained a strong network of partners in both the retail and foodservice markets. Here at Triano Brands our number one priority is to provide our customers with quality products alongside outstanding service. To find out more about our products and service, please email happytohelp@trianobrands.co.uk or complete the form available on the Contact Us page.