Tasty vegan treats for the social summer season!

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BBQ’s at every turn, family gatherings most weekends and the burning desire for tasty deserts or simple, savoury snacks. But with a multitude of allergens or diets and lifestyles, what is THE perfect item to take that can be enjoyed by all?

Wouldn’t it just be fab if there were products that you could use that everyone could have? Not only could this save some money, but also make your life so much easier.

Well… we have a few options for you!

Cochie Shakies are a fab drink for any occasion! A super refreshing drink that can be enjoyed straight from the bottle, poured over ice, mixed with your favourite cereal or frozen into yummy pops! Simply pour our delicious drinks into ice lolly moulds, pop in the freezer and enjoy a sweet, chilled treat! (They can even be mixed into your favourite cocktail, to offer a more daiquiri style drink. Talk about ideal for those summer get togethers!)

Our Softy Original is also a thing of greatness! Suitable for savoury and sweet, it is certainly a fridge staple. Are you a lover of afternoon tea but can’t remember the last time you were able to enjoy such an occasion? Enjoy our allergen free Softy spread (generously) on a scrumptious scone and top with a delicious strawberry jam! These are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, without anyone batting an eyelid at the dairy-free option.

Do you have food envy every time you turn up to a family BBQ? Well that can now be a thing of the past; with our tasty Tofutti creamy smooth slices, you can enjoy your burgers like you always used to! Who says that with dietary requirements and lifestyles, comes compromise?

Triano Brands’ mission is to ensure anyone and everyone can enjoy tasty food. If you give the above a try, we’re sure you’ll be one happy bunny!

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