5 Brilliant Benefits to Ditching Dairy!

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Going dairy free with Triano

Ditching dairy is an easy way to improve health in more ways than one! Going dairy free offers benefits to your health but also your surroundings; help the environment and reduce animal cruelty!

1. Improved digestion

Did you know human beings were not made to consume milk after they had been weaned from their mother’s milk? It is only due to genetic mutation enabling a small percentage of humans to consume milk without any issues. Lactose, the sugar found in dairy products, is the ingredient within milk known to cause bloating, severe cramps, diarrhoea and gas. People who suffer with lactose intolerance do not produce enough lactase to break down the sugar.

75% off the population are lactose intolerant!

2. Clearer skin

Dairy causes irritation in many forms and acne is a common side effect to consuming dairy with many noticing a visible difference almost instantaneously after removing it from their diet. Many celebrities swear by cutting out dairy to improve skin complexion!

Eczema and psoriasis are also experienced by many who consume it. When patients are experiencing skin aggravations, doctors generally recommend an elimination diet to pinpoint the issue and with dairy being considered the most common food allergen it is a more often than not a cause for skin conditions.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint

It has been found replacing milk with a dairy free alternatives, Londoners can reduce Co2e emissions by as much as 73%! Almond milk and oat milk are on top for environmental friendliness, but soy, coconut and rice milk also produce less than half of the greenhouse gases milk does! A simple change with a fab effect!

4. Antibiotics and hormones

In order for farms to produce the volumes required, they pump cows with reproductive hormones or antibiotics to ensure they are able to produce high volumes of milk consistently. Cows naturally produce a maximum of 2 litres per day, but on dairy farms they carry as much as 20. The use of antibiotics help fight the pain of such a heavy udder and infections such as mastitis.
Naturally any antibiotics or hormones ingested will be passed through into their milk and who wants to consume those?

5. Weight loss

Milk is naturally high in sugars offering roughly 150 calories per cup! When aiming to lose a few pounds a simple way to cut calories and assist with calorie deficit would be to ditch the milk.
Milk is also high in saturated fats (the not good ones!) Lowering saturated fat intake assist with weight loss and lower cholesterol levels.

At Triano Brands we want to offer an enjoyable transition to going dairy free! Many are intrigued by the new lifestyle but won’t commit as they’re afraid they’ll miss their old comforts. Let us tempt your taste buds with Tofutti and Cochie!
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